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PB-2000 series professional power amplifier


Total frequency distortion:20Hz~20KHz<0.1%
Frequency response:20Hz~20KHz±0.3dB
*Signal noise ratio:≥100dB
*Intermodulation distortion:<0.1%
*Input impedance:(balance:20KΩ ,unbalance:10KΩ)
*Imput levle:0dB
*Working voltage:AC220V±5% 50Hz±2Hz

  • Professional Stereo Power Amplifier.
  • Stereo, bridged and parallel mode.
  • DUAL Variable Speed Fan Cooling.
  • Over current, over heating and short Protection.
  • Peak, Signal, Bridge&fault LED Indicators.
  • 1/4" & XLR Balanced and Unbalance Inputs.
  • Speakon Outputs.


    Technical Parameter:

    型号(Type) PB-1200 PB-1600 PB-2000
    8V双声道输出 2×600W 2×800W 2×1000W
    8V Stereo Output
    4V双声道输出 2×900W 2×1200W 2×1500W
    4V Stereo Output
    8V桥接单声道 1800W 2400W 3000
    8V Bridged Mono
      Size(mm) 480×470×132